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Mi Sep 3 21:38:03 CEST 2008

Feature Request #1627, was updated on 2006-Jan-05 19:36
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 7
Summary: Email feature revision

By: jri
Date: 2008-Sep-03 21:38

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Further update: meanwhile the sender and receiver are modelled as Person 
topics. Additionally, the receiver can be an Institution topic.

This leads to another important feature request: an email must be 
addressed to a variety of persons and institutions. At least these addressing 
schemas are required:

a) Simply by choosing the receivers from a list of persons resp. institutions
b) Address an email to all the persons resp. institutions of a search result (a 
c) Adding a single recipient (person or institution) by creating an association 
to the email topic

A feature request detail:
d) also an Institution topic must have a "Compose Email" command (like a 


By: maltito
Date: 2008-Jun-03 13:13

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I think in topics of usability this feature would make sense in combination with 
a TimerTopic. Now Emails which are fetched are hard to reveal. Within this 
Feature Request, in my opinion, it would make sense to introduce TimeStamps 
and a TimerTopic which gets the current TimeStamp of it`s creation and a 
configuraion possibility of ranges like "within the last 15minutes" or "within 
the last 5 minutes" and show up all created topics (or just special ones) 
through a timestamp within this range. A notification would make sense, too. 
This could be extended to a TimerTopic Feature Request and it may be similar 
to this from gereby https://developer.berlios.de/

* a Person Topic already has already a "Compose Email To" Command
* the send command has an icon already

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