[deepamehta-devel] [Feature #3055] Better handling of result sets (was: "Reveal More")

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Mi Jul 30 16:59:29 CEST 2008

Feature Request #3055, was updated on 2007-Jan-15 22:27
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Priority: 9
Summary: Better handling of result sets (was: "Reveal More")

By: jri
Date: 2008-Jul-30 16:59

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Yes, for the moment revelation of result sets is cumbersome for 2 reasons:
1) It is very unhandy (requires a lot of mouse action) to reveal topics one-
by-one from a context-sub-menu.
2) The menu provides no hint which topics are revealed already.
Furthermore usability-tests have proven it is not reasonable that, after 
searching, another operation is required ("Show Result") to actually see the 
result (at least in case of result sets with more than 7 topics).

I'm not happy with the idea of "reveal 7 more" as discussed here because 
this operation is "semantically empty". In my opinion it must be up to the 
user to decide _which_ topics of the result set are relevant to his/her work 
situation. In order to support the user to do so, there are 2 requirements:
1) a permanent visualiziation of the result set.
2) a possibility to reveal items from the result set very quickly.
Furthermore an indication which items are already revealed might be 

I'm about to implement a solution within 7 days. My current conception 
goes like this:
- the "Show Result" command is dropped
- instead the result set is listed in the property panel (the search topics, 
tons, get a new HTML-property: "Result")
- all items in the result set are rendered as hypertext links
- clicking a link will reveal the topic (as before)
- topics alreay revelaed should be marked some way in the list

One further issue remains to be discussed: what about large result sets? I'm 
tend to retain the limit of 150 items. Larger result sets are not visualized, 
but a message that filtering is required.

A detail: a search topic (in fact any topic with extensive content) should 
remember its property panel scrollbar position.


By: x28
Date: 2008-Apr-29 09:21

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the amount of topics 

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