[deepamehta-devel] Booster club (was: Foerderverein)

Urs Lerch mail at ulerch.net
Di Jul 22 14:54:53 CEST 2008

Hi Matthias,

thank you very much for your comment. You won the prize for the first
one, and I really hope there will be more to come ;)

First let me excuse myself for writing my initial post in German. It was
just convenience on my part, as I'm still not sure if there are any
non-German-speaking readers on this list.

I see your concerns. And I can assure you, that it is not our goal at
all to close down the development to a core group. That is not the sense
of the "Verein" as we understand it. See it more like a foundation,
which is usualy build in the open source community. But, as I'm said,
our project might be to small to ground one. And we should use perhaps
the legal form of a "Verein" for better.

My model of what you called an "open, self-sustaining network" is the
linux kernel community. And, there is a foundation. And that foundation
has some very important tasks to fullfill. In my research on this topic
I found, as example, that the KDE-Project is organized as
"Förderverein" (see more details:
http://ev.kde.org/corporate/statutes-de.php ). And I guess, you wouldn't
call the KDE-Project "limited to Germany and its 'Verein' culture" ;)

I hope your concerns are a little bit smaller now. If not, the
discussion is open! Maybe we should already discuss about the potential
focus, goals and tasks of such a "Verein". That was a thing I've planned
as the next step. (And after that we had to discuss organizational


Am Dienstag, den 22.07.2008, 13:36 +0200 schrieb Matthias Melcher:
> Urs,
> you want our comments about the idea of a Foerderverein = booster
> club. I don't like it, because IMO it is the wrong focus.
> There is a potentially very large audience interested in a small
> core of functionality which is visible NOW, and there is another
> small audience interested in the HUGE, ever ongoing project,
> which is usually called the premium or pro version of a free product.
> With a club, you are furthering the organizational effort for the
> latter. The former, however, is very close to breakthrough: After
> the recent progess of the setup and docs, it stopped right before the
> few finalizing steps needed for the release, and perhaps a few more
> stabilty fixes and smoothing of client experience
>   http://blog.deepamehta.de/?p=73
> will lead to a wide adoptance which then, in turn, will boost
> the overall project.
> Anyhow, my imagination of the progress is not a closed community
> but an open, self-sustaining network, and one that is not limited to
> Germany and its "Verein" culture.
> Freundliche Gruesse / Regards - Matthias Melcher, Tel. +49-6221-54-4523
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