[deepamehta-devel] [Bug #14132] HTML form generator: quot charachter (") corrupts <input>

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Fr Jul 4 16:28:59 CEST 2008

Bug #14132, was updated on 2008-Jul-04 16:28
Here is a current snapshot of the bug.

Project: DeepaMehta
Category: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Bug Group: None
Priority: 7
Submitted by: jri
Assigned to : jri
Summary: HTML form generator: quot charachter (") corrupts <input>

Details: If a HTML form is generated (via HTMLGenerator's form() call) to edit a topic and a property is set to "Visualization=Input Field" and the property value contains a quot character (") the resulting <input> element is not welformed.
SEVERE: once the form is processed all input following the quot character is lost.

For detailed info, follow this link:

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