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Feature Request #1764, was updated on 2006-Feb-14 19:05
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: Web Browsing Capability

By: maltito
Date: 2008-Jul-02 13:03

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i found a pure java solution it is called lobo and uses it's
own cobra rendering engine. some nice features are available
(javafx support) and a browser api for developers link
below. W3C DOM Java Bindings are used, as well as rhino from
mozilla for javascript processing and cssparser from sf.net
to parse css.

as documented, we would be able to use the so called
"FramePanel" as any other ordinary swing component.

here are more details about lobo it' s browser api


it's a pitty that browsing with lobo has not often that
satisfying results comparable with gecko or webkit engine.
but it is quite clear that we don't find the "eierlegende
wollmilchsau" :)


By: jri
Date: 2006-Feb-14 19:05

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Surfing the web is essential for every knowledge worker. Integration 
of web browser functionality in DeepaMehta is badly required. The 
vision goes like this: While surfing (in the right GUI panel) the 
structure of linked webpages appears as a topic map (in the left GUI 
panel). All visited web pages are stored in the corporate memory, 
ready for offline browsing. All webpages can be connected with any 
other topic, like persons, projects ... bye bye imprisoned hierarchical 
"bookmark" collections.

Currently DeepaMehta's web browsing capability is extremely limited 
and nothing more than a concept study. A web page is represented as 
a topic of type "Webpage". There are 2 crucial restrictions: 1) Only 
1% of the web pages are rendered properly, and 2) Links are not yet 
working! While 2) can be solved with moderate effort 1) can probably 
not be solved without using a 3rd party software component. 
Currently HTML rendering is performed by a standard Swing 
component (JEditorPane), which seems too limited for real web 
browsing duties.

Probably the first step towards true web browsing within DeepaMehta 
would be an investigation for a capable Java component for HTML 
rendering. Another approach could be the incorporation of the native 
browser by using e.g. the JDIC components (https://
jdic.dev.java.net/), but thats not pure Java and doesn't work on Mac 
OS X. A pure Java solution is more desired.

Who does have an overview of Java HTML redering components and 
want integrate one in DeepaMehta?

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