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Feature Request #3055, was updated on 2007-Jan-15 22:27
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Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: Reveal More

By: maltito
Date: 2008-Apr-29 00:55

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to implement a command that allows to "reveal all" of a
specific type would be pretty easy to code, but it would be
one command more in the context list and not that satisfying
and the next question: how could it usefully be adjusted to
a finer distinction/configuration by the user in the
interface? does the meaning of  "reveal more" aims to reveal
deeper associated topics than just over the immediately
related next one? this would be possible too, but how could
an approach look like and made usable/visible in the
interface? would the walk "down the lines" just be allowed
over one type of association? i don`t now if i am
understanding this feature request right. is it more about
the amount of topics be revealed or more about the depth of
their relation to the current selected topic? at least both
has to be configured on the fly by the user, but how?


By: x28
Date: 2007-Jan-15 22:27

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Revealing topics from a Search Results list or 
Whats Related should not be limited to a fixed low 
number but should be interactively allowed to 
continue, e. g. "Reveal 7 more?"
It is one of DeepaMehta's most important Unique 
Selling Points that it combines all three modalities 
of connective knowledge, visual, verbal, and virtual 
(see this recent <A 
connective-knowledge/">blogpost</A>), and the 
most severe limitation remaining is the 
cumbersome revelation.  

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